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Handmade knives made in the Black Forest.

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Handmade Knives

Crafted to your needs and preferences.

Each knife is unique and handmade. As companions for life, the handmade knives serve as tools and are made to be used – whether outdoors on a camping trip, on duty, or for everyday life. The knives are made with high quality and premium materials to ensure that you benefit from your personal and unique knife for as long as possible. Let your favorite knife accompany you at your outdoor adventure- may it be camping, hunting or hiking.

Forgeworks only creates handmade Knives.


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Knives on Duty

Create your own knife!

You can either build your knife with our knife configurator from settled forms and features, or request a custom knife made especially to your needs.

Custom Knife Creation


Build your knife out of a variety of types and shapes. Choose your color and style!

A range of handcrafted knives

Knife Request

You have an idea of what your knife should look like, and it doesn’t match our knife types in the configurator? Together we will create your personal unique knife!

The Knifemaker

Meet Christoph Gihring.

As an outdoor enthusiast, Christoph Gihring has always been involved with anything that can be crafted with his hands. His life story took him to different countries, where he finally found his passion for knifemaking. Since then he has tirelessly pursued his passion and is constantly finding new knife shapes and techniques that fascinate people around the globe. Christophs passion is not only to make high quality knives that last a lifetime, but to also create the perfect knife for every customers individual purpose.

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