Indomitor ”Brown”


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Full Length: 20cm

Blade Length: 9.5cm

Thickness: 4mm

Surface Finish: Acide Stonewash

Steel: SB1

Handlematerial: Brown G10

Kydexsheath: Coyote

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The Indmitor is a perfect knife for you, when you are out in the woods, hunting, camping, by still being a compact size. Which also means you can carry it as an EDC knife. We choose Sb1 for the steel, because it is durabel and holds a really good working Edge for a long time. The rock pattern handle helps to secure the knife by ensuring a safer grip for use in the outdoors.

The rounded Spine and Handle plus the rest Scales gives the Indomitor a unique look, while still being really comfortable. The scales are screwd on to the Knife, that makes cleaning and maintenance easier for you.

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