Indomitor OD Green Galaxy



Full Length: 20cm

Blade Length: 9.5cm

Thickness: 4mm

Surface Finish: Galaxy Stonewash

Steel: N690

Handlematerial: OD GreenG10

Kydexsheath: Black

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The Indomitor is a perfect knife for you, when you are out in the woods, hunting, camping, by still being a compact size. Which also means you can carry it as an EDC knife. We choose N690 for the steel, because it is durabel and holds a really good working Edge for a long time. The rock pattern handle helps to secure the knife by ensuring a safer grip for use in the outdoors.

The rounded Spine and Handle plus the rest Scales gives the Indomitor a unique look, while still being really comfortable. The scales are screwd on to the Knife, that makes cleaning and maintenance easier for you.

The Kydexsheath is adjustable for the retention and works perfectly with or without Scales on the knife.

This is our second Production Line Model. Heattreat, Finish and sharpening is down in house.

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