”Mini” Indomitor OD/Black


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Total Length: 203mm

Blade Length: 95mm

Blade Thickness: 4mm

Steel: SB1 60 HRC Cryoheattreat

Sheath: Black Kydex

Handle: OD Green/ Black G10 ( Screwed)

Surface Finish: Acide Stonewash finish

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The Mini Indomitor is a smaller Version of his bigger Brother the Indomitor. The width of the mini Indomitor is reduced, which makes it easier to conceal carry, by still being practical for all the tasks you are going to use it for. The Blade has a saber grind, that keeps the knife durabel and though. If you are looking for a smaller Outdoor or Hunting knife, which you can also carry as your EDC Knife, the mini Indomitor is perfect for you.


The scales are screwd on to the Knife, that makes cleaning and maintenance easier for you.The rock pattern handle helps to secure the knife by ensuring a safer grip for use in the outdoors.