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EDC knife with ring handle

Sleek, Sharp, Strong.

The Aggressor is a combination of a Wharncliffe blade and a Karambit. That means that the blade has a rounded spine that gradually tapers to a point, very similar to Wharncliffe blades. But the Aggressor’s blade is not completely straight – instead, it has a slight curve to it, which grants efficient cuts when pulled back in the direction of the handle. Inspired by Karambit knives, the ring on the handle allows you to pull the knife faster and hold it securely. The knife usually comes without scales – but you can order with scales as well. Keep in mind that without scales the Aggressor is easier to conceal. The Forgeworks’ special rock pattern ensures a unique look and a firm grip. With an overall length of just under 8 inches and a weight of 3 ounces, the Aggressor is a good fit as a backup knife on duty or as an EDC knife for everyday use. The strong cutting edge can be useful both outdoors and indoors, while the ring handle helps with easy and fast access. Since the Aggressor is a fixed blade, it is particularly strong and is easy to care for.

Note: Keep your local knife laws in mind and check if it’s allowed as an EDC knife in your country.

· Weight without sheath: 3.17 oz (90g)
· Weight with sheath: 4.16 oz (118g)
· Blade length: 3.15 inches (8cm)
· Length with handle: 7.87 inches (20cm)

Karambit with Wharncliffe blade with ring handle and without scales

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