Double-edged knife to handle double the trouble.

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Hand-made dagger

In combat or underwater: Always a good choice.

The Praetorian is essentially a dagger with two sharp edges and a pointy tip. This knife is excellent for stabbing and thrusting, which makes it a good fit as a combat knife in military or as a dive knife. The guard prevents you from slipping into the blade while handling and gives you a safer grip. It’s a good personal defense weapon and extraordinary in close combat because of its stabbing properties. You can hold this dagger tip up or tip down. With an overall length of almost 9 inches and a weight of 7,41 oz without sheath, this knife is a well sized dagger that has a firm grip. The stonewash finish and sleek form gives it a strong look and feel. When in combat you need to be able to reply on your knife – the Praetorian is a strong, reliable knife that you can count on!

The kydex sheath is the perfect addition to your Praetorian knife. The sheath is designed to fit perfectly with most belts and it ensures you have a safe, secure sleeve to keep your knife safe. Also with the sheath, your Praetorian will be better protected from the elements, which is especially handy if you want to take the dagger with you in moist areas or even underwater.

Note: Due to the size of the Praetorian and its properties, it isn’t allowed as EDC in Germany. Keep your local knife laws in mind.

· Weight without sheath: 7.41 oz (210g)
· Weight with sheath: 8.64 oz (245g)
· Blade length: 4.33 inches (11cm)
· Length with handle: 8.86 inches (22.5cm)

Diving knife dagger with guard and pointy tip

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