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Drop point EDC knife

For camping or everything else outdoors.

The Attender is a lightweight EDC knife that is an exceptional slicing and cutting tool. It’s a drop-point blade which makes it the perfect allrounder. The spine is convex and curves down from the handle to the point, therefore you have a straight cutting edge and a point to do finer tasks. With a weight of 4 ounces with a sheath, you can easily carry it on your belt or on other gear without being weighed down. The attender comes in handy in many situations and can handle many tasks both inside and outside – like cutting ropes, cardboard, preparing food or carving wood. An EDC knife can save you in risky situations – such as when you need to cut a car belt or a dog’s leash in an emergency. The rock pattern on the handle ensures a secure grip, even when moist, which is an important quality for every outdoor knife or EDC knife.

Note: Keep your local knife laws in mind and check if it’s allowed as an EDC knife in your country.

· Weight without sheath: 3.24 oz (92g)
· Weight with sheath: 4.05 oz (115g)
· Blade length: 3.74 inches (9.5cm)
· Length with handle: 7.68 inches (19.5cm)

Outdoor Knife Attender detail with droppoint blade and fulltang

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