Companion 1.0

The perfect Companion, made for everyday use.

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The most thought-out EDC knife you can get

Small, handy, powerful. Make everyday an adventure.

The Companion is as small as it is sturdy and reliable – a perfect candidate for an EDC knife (Everyday carry knife). With its overall length of 2,76 inches and a blade length of 2,76 inches, it’s a solid knife that’s made to accompany you day in and day out. The rock pattern on the Companions handle gives you a solid grip to withstand all outdoor tasks. As a fixed knife it’s stable and secure and can be easily worn on any belt or in your backpack. Its pointy blade makes it versatile for many tasks both outdoors and indoors, while it’s also sharp enough to get along with most materials.

The Companion 1.0 has a bigger brother, the Companion 2.0, that differs in size. While the Companion 1.0 is smaller, the Companion 2.0 is made for bigger hands and for greater tasks, with an overall size difference of 1,5 inches.
If you consider carrying this knife with you a lot or using it as an EDC knife, stainless steel is the recommended metal for this purpose. It’s rustproof and easy to maintain. The fiberglass handle is durable and water resistant, while also rott and weathering proof. It will keep its shape in all variations of humidity and can withstand impact better than wood. These features make the Companion an excellent choice as an EDC knife.

This pocket knife comes with a neat thread and a fiberglass decoration in the color of your choice. Even with a perfectly fitted kydex sheath, the Asylum weighs in just above 2 ounces.

· Weight without sheath: 2.82 oz (80g)
· Weight with sheath: 3.52 oz (100g)
· Blade length: 2.76 inches (7cm)
· Length with handle: 6.69 inches (17cm)

Small EveryDayCarry Knife with droppoint blade

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