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Lightweight pocket knife

Good for everyday tasks.

Are you looking for a lightweight pocket knife for small everyday tasks? The Asylum might be the right option for you as it’s a great asset in many situations. With a weight of under 2 ounces without sheath, it’s the perfect, versatile companion to have on you. Whether you need to cut a cardboard box or a thread, the Asylum is the perfect pocket knife for everyday use. Asylum’s design has been carefully tuned to be as light and small as possible while still being comfortable to use. This allows you to carry it as a neck knife or with a clip. Despite its length of only 6 inches, the almost 3 inch hollow grind makes it a sharp slicing tool similar to a razor. The Asylum is a great tool to have while mountaineering, for water sports or just part of everyday general use.

This pocket knife comes with a neat thread and a fiberglass decoration in the color of your choice. Even with a perfectly fitted kydex sheath, the Asylum weighs in just above 2 ounces.

· Weight without sheath: 1.83 oz (52g)
· Weight with sheath: 2.39 oz (68g)
· Blade length: 2.75 inches (7cm)
· Length with handle: 6.29 inches 16cm)

Asylum, the lightweight pocket knife with hollow grind blade

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