Knife Making Workshops

Learn to make your own knife from scratch.

Make your own knife

Step by step to your own knife.

Within one day you will design and create your own knife in my workshop in Freiburg. You don’t need any knowledge beforehand! After a short safety briefing we will design your dream knife together. We start with a sketch of your dream knife or base it on one of my models. I will help you to choose the right materials for your desired purpose. Then, you cut, grind, drill and file your blade with both your hands and our machines. If you like the blade, we will harden your blade in my hardening oven. Here I will show you how to harden and temper the knife blade without distortion. I will teach you techniques and processes along the way to help you execute your dream knife.

After hardening you give the blade the final finish on the belt grinder. If necessary, the final sharpening is done by hand with sandpaper. Then you design your knife handle. Here you are spoilt for choice from the many colours of fibreglass. Then you assemble the parts to fit together perfectly. Of course I will stay by your side the whole time and support you in every step of the process. In the end you’ll have your dream knife, that is as sharp as it could be and that will last you many years. I will also instruct you on how to care for your new companion. The quality of the knife you’ll have will be the same as if a professional did it, thanks to close supervision and assistance by me.

· Choose your style of knife
· Individual assistance and instruction
· Learn step by step and get valuable insights into making knives
· High knife quality
· No knowledge beforehand required
· Opportunity to ask all of your questions and get tips for future care

Workshop: Outdoor knife

Together we will create your perfect outdoor knife. We can create a design of your choice or use one of my models.

Date: On request
Cost: 350€ per person (2 participants)
500€ if you wish to do a workshop alone

Cost is for two people. If you are wanting to do the course singularly, then it is more expensive. Please contact us for more info and to book your course.

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Workshop: Kitchen Knife

Cook like the great award-winning chefs. Every cook needs an excellent, reliable knife. After my course you will have an individually designed chef’s knife that transforms cooking into a new and exciting adventure!

Date: On request
Cost: 500€ per person (1 participant)

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